Meow 🐱

My name is Stepan Legachev.

I am an independent full stack web developer.

I love js (with and without node), java, scala, php, python, tensorflow, sql (my and postgre’s), nosql, elastic, influxdb and many other funny acronyms.

I can use whole lot of frontend stack: angular, react, webpack, postcss, and even ext js.

I have a broad backend development expertise — I can touch Zend Framework and Doctrine without fear, I can use MongoDB or Redis when needed, I can easily adopt bunch of APIs to any webapp (paypal, mailchimp, onesignal — name your thing).

I can deploy your stuff to Google Cloud Platform or to AWS with Docker.

Besides I have a great experience in graphic design, mostly specializing in print production.

I like to travel.

My main hobby is photography, I post some of my pictures here on 500px.

Call me: +7 (964) 113-1453

Chat with me in Telegram, or add me in Whatsapp or Viber via the number above.

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I live in Saint Petersburg, Russia

My native is russian, but I can speak english as well.

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